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English 100 October ?,2000 Assiduous Athletes Not many people know the onus of being a student athlete in college. This burden Essay Being A Student set on them has caused the

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This demands effort, time, and commitment to being a student. The problem with all this is that student athletes don’t have the time, as do the regular students. Having to maintain good enough grades to stay eligible on the team is already a hard enough task due to no free time. Wanting to exceed and get all A’s and B’s is where athletes tend to struggle though. Normal students don’t have to worry about time being against them. They have class and then able to focus on school work. Another issue with student athletes is stereotypes.

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In addition to this problem, Cheville notes that being a student athlete also brings with it issues related to racial and gender identity. Billy, like other African American student athletes at Iowa State, felt that his athleticism made him more prone to social stereotyping as an unintellectual but physically gifted black man. Further, female student athletes expressed an acute awareness that their sexual identity was under public scrutiny as physically adept women (9-10).

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As Julie Cheville points out in her book, Minding the Body: What Student Athletes Know About Learning (Boynton/Cook, 2001), student athletes often fear that they will be stigmatized for their athleticism in the classroom. They sometimes feel that the university system reifies the distinction between mind and body, and that their value to the university is only physical. After numerous interviews with Billy, an African American football player at Iowa State, she explains:

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A: Oct 13, 2017 · The NCAA will not sanction UNC after an academic scandal — here's how a student-athlete got an A-minus with a one-paragraph final essay

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Why is this important? Because when an athlete thinks that the rest of the team doesn’t care about academics, that athlete tries to fit in by pretending not to care either. In a perverse form of peer pressure, Cardale Jones’s tweet about classes being worthless may be what student athletes tell each other in an effort to fit in, based on the mistaken belief that if they care about academics, they are in an uncool minority.

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Therefore athletics can be tied in with this. Being very involved in and athletic sport helps the students learn better and teaches the student athlete how to organize and be responsible for one’s time and studies. I also believe that keeping the student busy with athletics can keep him or her out of trouble that the ordinary student can be faced with. Substance abuse is a huge deal with both athletes and non-athletes. Research shows though it is a much bigger deal with non-athletes though, and has a greater effect on the non-student athlete’s life.

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In conclusion, I have to say that athletes take on a bigger challenge. I feel as if the athlete takes on the same as the regular student and the time consuming activity of their sport. Some will say the normal student will take harder classes or that he or she will be involved in extracurricular activities, but nothing is as time-consuming as a college sport. The time an athlete is given to get their academics done is in no range of what a non-athlete has to study and do school work.

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Here’s what we found: When student athletes were asked how much they care about athletics, they rated their interest a healthy 8.5 on average, on a scale of 1 to 10. But when asked the value they place on academics, the result was higher than 9 on average. If anything, the average student athlete cares more about his studies than his sport. #StudentBeforeAthlete indeed.