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Choosing a major can be a daunting task, especially when it seems like everybody around you has already set their futures in stone. While your choice of major is by no means permanent, choosing the right major early on can save you a great deal of time and money. Read this article to learn how.

Your choice of major will influence the course of your college career and your life. Intimidating, right? No wonder why so many students change their major multiple times. However common the practice, changing your major often is costly. Changing your major multiple times you will delay your graduation date, adding at least another semester’s tuition to the bill. Also, choosing the wrong major will negatively impact your GPA and cause unnecessary stress. Avoid the trial and error approach to choosing a major, and do your research ahead of time.

I think it is essential to have a deep understanding of yourself and your personality, and in concurrence with the article I believe that this is unlikely to happen before entering college and even into your college experience. I entered college a declared Anthropology major but in retrospect, I essentially just got lucky in picking a major I am interested in and can adjust to apply to many career paths. I remember in high school thinking about declaring innumerable majors and I finally came to find Anthropology was the fit for me – only after my advisor sat with me once a week for some time, talking about my future goals and even taking a few personality tests. The assistance and advice I received from my high school guidance counselor made all the difference in deciding on a major, and eventually I even took an introductory Anthropology class to test the waters and see if it was a suitable decision. As this article also states, I believe these methods are exactly what should be promoted for the constantly evolving first-year students in colleges everywhere.
I continue to be an Anthropology major, into my junior year, but I have also made changes in choosing a major, despite the tremendous efforts of my high school guidance counselor and I. I am now a double major in Anthropology and Legal Studies. I unintentionally entered my first semester at college taking almost entirely General Education classes because they were the only ones available that I found interesting and would also count towards requirements. This turned out to be beneficial to my college experience because I found a greater interest in areas where I had only been curious about previously. In particular I took a class called “Controversies in Public Policy” to cover a Gen Ed and found a new passion for public policy that I still carry today. At the end of my Fall semester of my first year, I had been opened up to a large variety of new interests I wanted to pursue that I had never known about before college. Even into my third year at college I continue to take classes that open my eyes to new and captivating departments, like a current Herbalism class, that I could see myself enjoying immensely and making a living with. I never would have imagined myself a double major in Anthropology and Legal Studies – especially if you asked my high school self or even my early first year self. This shows that it is necessary to have time to explore and be open to new knowledge, and to have the advising support systems necessary in order to make a lasting, informed and satisfying decision on a major (or two!).

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Many scholarships require that you submit an essay, which can be a major deciding factor during the review process. It's important to submit an essay that stands out from the rest. Once you've maximized your scholarships, you are not done! This resource will help you finance your US education:

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The essay kicks off with a nice, just-right interrogative sentence that portrays a classic question on going to college and deciding your major. There is an impression of honesty as I went through the lines. The author succeeds to find a balance between displaying his/her academic achievement and combining it with a subtle story of personal background. The author manages to be his/herself; while also briefly elaborates his/her stages in life. It is clear that we see the author grow and learn from his/her past experiences. Through essays, every single applicant is a unique individual, which grades cannot do a great job on representing these qualities on a person. This essay portrays the humane side of the author, making people who read it will not feel like reading an college application essay, but more to reading through a non-fictional biography work.

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It seems as if you need to leave the cradle thinking about college, because what you do in your early school years has a major impact on whether you'll qualify for grants and scholarships down the road. You can't go back in time but the good news is that no matter where you are in pursuit of your education you can still help increase your odds. In addition to keeping up with all the latest developments with funding (both Federal and State) you can also help yourself by being active in your community, keeping your grades up, and choosing a school that brings the most incentive to attend there. It's also imperative that you fill out the (FAFSA) so that you can really get a handle on which college(s) you can actually afford to attend.

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There are many challenges to implementing a system in which students delay major choice until the sophomore year. Funding would be needed to change advising structures, including updated physical environments for institutions in which a total intake advising model is not currently utilized. Furthermore, it takes time and effort to make even the slightest change in campus culture. This is partially due to the fact that administration, faculty, staff, and every department on campus would have to be willing to adapt to an institutional change. Lastly, there is a small possibility that these changes would not apply to all students, who may be developmentally prepared to make the decision before entering college. Although there are few students statistically in this category, those who do may perceive the first year as a misuse of time.

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When you search for a college, it may be tempting to choose the campus with the prettiest buildings or the most fun student activities, but a lot more has to go into the consideration process than just these factors. For instance, can you afford to go to this particular school? Do they offer the major program you want to enter? What about housing costs? Before you get excited about a particular university, here are a few things to consider.

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