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From the opening lines of Ellen Foster you are introduced to the voice of Ellen, the young girl to which this story is told by. She takes you through many years of her childhood recounting the ups and downs that she goes through. Her first words are, "When I was little I would think of ways to kill my daddy." She presents a voice not unlike any child that speaks of truth. Throughout the novel she speaks of a truth that is outright hilarious to sometimes depressing and sad. There is a section where she talks about money. She say's, "All I really cared about accumulating was money." Who other than a child would admit to something like that? It is this voice that allowed me to fall in love with this character, because she is going through such a rough time and in order to escape it all she plans for the future and starts saving. She was always acting as though she was older than she really was, but come to think of it, maybe a person gains an overall maturity through experience. Throughout the novel Ellen is faced with numerous obstacles. It forces her to become this form of adult built inside a child's body. Gibbons is constantly keeping the reader in side of Ellen's head. All these cynical thoughts and remarks we automatically find out through the use of the first person narration. We slowly start to see that...

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Freedom is something both the protagonists of the two stories crave and need. Ellen needs to be free of her abusive father and finds it through his death and Douglass wants to be free of slavery and finds it through his escape. These pursuits not only illustrate the universal need for liberty and the pursuit of pleasure, but the human need to exist and exist well. It is through books such as these, that people can begin to understand things on a deeper level and realize the struggles everyone goes through at one point in their lives.

In conclusion the readings of Ellen Foster and Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave illustrate the plight and struggle of people in different times and periods. Ellen had to deal with poverty and abuse in 1970's American south and Douglass had to deal with existing during the period of American slavery. To compare the stories, one had to look at the subject matter. They were very different protagonists, one a black man, another a white girl, but they both determined to succeed and prevail against all odds and obstacles.

In regards to differences, the writing styles were the opposite of each other. One sought to create depth and mystery, the other to analyse and explain. Douglass wanted people to understand the plight of African-Americans were as Gibbons wanted to create a rich and deep character. Two great stories, two great characters, and one universal themese of suffering is what this essay offers.