use of evil within "The Devil and Tome Walker".

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The propose of a folktale is to not only entertain but, give its readers a lesson to walk away with. There are two main lessons in "The Devil and Tom Walker." The main jest of the folktale is what happens to people who are to greedy. Tom, who is so stingy that he won't even feed his own horse pays the price at the end of the folktale by going to hell. This also leads...

Throughout the folktale "The Devil and Tom Walker" there are many unrealistic events. Most are related to the bargaining between Tom and the devil. This in itself is a extremely unrealistic event. Not to imply that it is not possible to sale your soul to the devil, but meeting him face to face in the form of a burnt man is a highly unlikely event. Along with this incarnation of the devil Tom makes a deal about a line of work that would make him extremely wealthy. Wealth is not unrealistic, but becoming wealthy within "A few days time"¦" (11) is not very likely even with today's stock market system. Another unlikely event is when Tom says "The Devil take me if I have made a farthing." (14) and the incarnate shows up at the door with a one way horse ride to the fiery gates of Hell. These events, even though unlikely, are key to the folktale.

When the devil shows Tom a tree for a greedy townsperson, he fails to see that he is very much like that tree when he "looked in the direction that the stranger pointed and beheld one of the great trees, fair and flourishing without, but rotten at the core" (130). As time passes after Tom has made his deal with the devil, and he is working as a usurer in Boston, squeezing every last cent out of the unlucky speculators that walked through his door, Tom begins to wonder whether he made the right…

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