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270. Nowadays traffic jams are becoming a big problem in most cities and bigger towns. Some people suggest that widening of roads is a solution to this problem. Do you agree or disagree? Give your opinion and suggest a solution to this problem.

Over 95% of motor vehicle accidents (MVAs, in the USA, or Road Traffic Accidents, RTAs, in Europe) involve some degree of driver behavior combined with one of the other three factors. Drivers always try to blame road conditions, equipment failure, or other drivers for those accidents. When the facts are truthfully presented, however, the behavior of the implicated driver is usually the primary cause. Most are caused by excessive speed or aggressive driver behavior.

However, regulating the traffic is challenging task ahead the government as the sales cannot be regulated because of its direct link with nation’s economy. One way to deal with such challenge is to increase the tax, which will help to minimize the traffic up to certain level. Also, the infrastructure development offering better and wider road will enhance the traffic system. Last but most important is to develop an effective public transport system for citizen, which discourage the use of personal vehicle. All small steps from administration can result in a huge difference and help in organizing a sound traffic system.

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Regardless of what you think, the driver in the front of a rear-end collision is NOT at fault. The driver in the rear cannot anticipate the proper distance needed for every situation, therefore, driving the posted speed (and BTW, posted speeds are the MAXIMUM...in California, the speed limit varies by road and traffic conditions, but never exceeds the posted limits) and allowing enough distance to stop in all circumstances is not only safer, but the law as well. Regardless of how the driver in front stops, if the driver in the rear hits the other, they are at fault.
Personal experience: I was stopped at a light with three cars in front of me. My passengers were telling me to creep up and not leave such a huge distance from the car in front of me. I watched as a car behind me (DUI, hit and run) raced full speed into the back of my car. Only because I had left that distance did I get hit hard, rool forward and not hit the person in front of me.
And, speeding tickets are not simply for revenue. They are to protect all drivers from harm based on many years of data to back them up. To think otherwise is ignorant. And if you believe that it is only for revenue, then keep your money and abide by the law. FYI...when you sign for your license, you agree to abide by those laws. If everyone did this, it would be less expensive for everyone. Less collisions = lower insurance premiums, less citations = less fines levied, fewer collisions with traffic barricades, trees, buildings = less wastefull spending to rebuild infrastructure.

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IF... and I mean a really BIG IF... you or I decide to care about something other than our own selfish desires... we will WANT to adjust our driving habits accordingly. If we see driving to be a collective and mutual activity involving ourselves and everyone else on the road with us, then we will adopt a COLLABORATIVE attitude as opposed to a COMPETITIVE one. Allowing others to merge in front of us, maintaining several car lengths between ourselves and car in front of us, cooperating with the flow of traffic, slowing down when someone needs us to surrender the right-of-way, seeing the other guy as my neighbor and friend rather than a nameless, faceless nuisance... all theses things would automatically make the roads infinitely safer.

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Driving under the influence of is the most important cause of death in automobile accidents —followed by driver fatigue. The percentage of traffic fatalitiesattributed to alcohol dropped from 57.2% in 1982 to 45%in 1992. The figure is probably much higher, because amounts of alcohol below the legal level of intoxication ( of alcohol) reduce cognitive & physical function. More than a third of pedestrians killed by a motor vehiclefatalities in 1992 were intoxicated.

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A Road Traffic Accident (RTA) is when a road vehicle collides with another vehicle, pedestrian, animal or geographical or architectural obstacle. The RTAs can result in injury, property damage and death. RTA results in the deaths of 1.2 m people worldwide each year and injures about 4 times this number (). In this study, a road traffic accident is defined as accident which took place on the road between two or more objects, one of which must be any kind of a moving vehicle (). Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs) are increasing with rapid pace and presently these are one of the leading causes of death in .

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Another common traffic accident is the use of the car system. Changing the channel on the radio can cause an accident. For example, the driver is looking for some good muic to listen to, but can't find nothing that he or she likes to hear. The driver keeps changing the channel on the radio, not focused on the road. This can cause an accident. Loud music is also a distraction while driving. For example, Listening to loud music could distract your hearing to other important matters, such as, a siren coming from a police car, an ambulance or fire truck. This could cause the driver who is playing loud music to not move out of the way when the siren is on, which may cause the driver or other drivers on the road to crash. The use of the GPS can also cause a accident. For example, the driver is searching direction while driving. This could cause an accident because the...

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Human beings make terrible drivers. They talk on the phone and run red lights, signal to the left and turn to the right. They drink too much beer and plow into trees or veer into traffic as they swat at their kids. They have blind spots, leg cramps, seizures, and heart attacks. They rubberneck, hotdog, and take pity on turtles, cause fender benders, pileups, and head-on collisions. They nod off at the wheel, wrestle with maps, fiddle with knobs, have marital spats, take the curve too late, take the curve too hard, spill coffee in their laps, and flip over their cars. Of the ten million accidents that Americans are in every year, nine and a half million are their own damn fault.