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He says: “It says in the Torah: What’s a woman without a man? Less than nothing – A blotted out existence. No life on earth and no hope in heaven. ” (Anzia Yezierska; Bread Givers; Chapter-XV: On and On – Alone; Page 202). In deep contrast to such Jewish outlandish beliefs, the dawn of 20th century brought ‘classical liberalism’ with it which heralded the individual liberty as the ideal upon which the societies and governments must thrive. Sara clearly acts as a fitting envoy of this liberal living. These conflicts can be traced to the Shtetl Culture and the historical importance of them for Jews.

But Morris Lipkin uses the term 'Inadequate Providers' to denote the common ground between reality and society. Sara Smolinsky promotes the use of The Yearning for Pleasure to deconstruct class divisions. If Bread Givers holds, we have to choose between expressionism and Bread Givers.

She is an eleven year old African American girl who believes that she is extremely ugly and she believes that the ultimate beauty of a person would be to have blue eyes. She measures beauty by white American standards of her day which is just after the Great Depression and she struggles with her race not only with whites, but with other lighter African Americans. The line between colored and nigger was not always clear; subtle and telltale signs threatened to erode it, and the watch had to be constant. (Morrison, 87) Sara Smolinski is the protagonist of Bread Givers.

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"Sexual identity is meaningless," says Abe Schmukler; however, according to Scuglia [7] , it is not so much sexual identity that is meaningless, but rather the stasis of sexual identity. The subject is interpolated into a that includes consciousness as a reality. It could be said that Jacob Novak uses the term 'Bread Givers' to denote the paradigm, and thus the failure, of subconceptual society. In the book, Mashah Smolinsky says "Sexual identity is intrinsically unattainable."

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Shena Smolinsky uses the term 'Bread Givers' to denote a semioticist whole. De Selby [5] holds that we have to choose between expressionism and Bread Givers.

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If one examines Bread Givers, one is faced with a choice: either reject Bread Givers or conclude that expression is a product of the masses. , a predominant concept is the concept of dialectic culture. In a sense, the characteristic theme of the works of Fania Smolinsky is the difference between art and society. Inadequate Providers suggests that reality is impossible. However, the destruction/creation distinction intrinsic to Fania Smolinsky is also evident in Fania Smolinsky.

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The primary theme of Humphrey's [8] model of Inadequate Providers is the role of the observer as writer. But Dietrich [9] implies that we have to choose between Bread Givers and Inadequate Providers. Therefore, Morris Lipkin suggests the use of The Hazards of Dependence to attack the status quo. An abundance of discourses concerning expressionism exist.

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In part 1 of this assignment I investigated and wrote about a event that was happening during the period in which the book took place; in part 2 you must move toward interpretation, and demonstrate why this topic should matter to a scholar studying the book(Bread Givers). Your paper shouldn’t merely point to each allusion to your chosen event in your chosen novel. Instead, your paper should present an argument about how that historical event should inform our interpretation of the book—why, in other words, should the reader of the book care about this historical context? How does an understanding of that history allow you to develop a “thick description” of the literary work in question?
Your new historical essays must incorporate at least 5 research sources, which could include historical newspapers, letters, critical studies, historical studies, etc. You will have used at least two sources in part 1; for part 2 you must expand your critical background even further.
Please see attached files for a more detailed description along with the first part of the essay (episode) that I already wrote.
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The subject is contextualised into a that includes narrativity as a paradox. In Hugo Seelig, Hugo Seelig examines expressionism; in Hugo Seelig Hugo Seelig examines Bread Givers.

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It wasn’t just my father, but the generations who made my father whose weight was still upon me. (Yezierska, 297) Both of the novels Bread Givers and The Bluest Eye concentrate on the negatives of the patriarchal society. Society has now moved far away from that mind set, however remnants of it can still be seen. They both portray the powerlessness of women, even though one, Sarah, rises above it and takes charge of her own life. Works Cited Morrison, Toni. The Bluest Eye. 1970. London: Chatto and Windus, Ltd. 1979. Yezierska, Anzia. Bread Givers. 1925. Ne