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A scoring rubric is an attempt to communicate expectations of quality around a task. In many cases, scoring rubrics are used to delineate consistent criteria for grading. Because the criteria are public, a scoring rubric allows teachers and students alike to evaluate criteria, which can be complex and subjective. A scoring rubric can also provide a basis for self-evaluation, reflection, and peer review. It is aimed at accurate and fair assessment, fostering understanding, and indicating a way to proceed with subsequent learning/teaching. This integration of performance and feedback is called ongoing assessment or .

Whether it is a formal rubric or a checklist of items you expect to see in the paper, make one for every single writing assignment. You can find or make free rubrics online, or you can create your own. Share your grading criteria with the class. Some teachers like to be as specific as showing students the actual rubric while others are purposely vague: “I will look for how well you answer the prompt. And yes, grammar, spelling, and mechanics count as well!” Determine how many points each item is worth, and stick to it as you grade each paper. Try not to let your feelings hinder you from deducting points. (Hey, I hate having to take away points from the world’s kindest student, but you do that child no favors if you mislead him or her into thinking he/she writes flawlessly. I have learned this the hard way.)

If you do, they will know exactly what your expectations are and what they need to accomplish to get the grade they desire. You may even choose to make a copy of the rubric for each paper and circle where the student lands for each criterion. That way, each person knows where he needs to focus his attention to improve his grade. The clearer your expectations are and the more feedback you give your students, the more successful your students will be. If you use a rubric in your essay grading, you can communicate those standards as well as make your grading more objective with more practical suggestions for your students. In addition, once you write your rubric you can use it for all future evaluations.

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First off, there is a lot of criticism about essay graders being formulaic, only capable of seeing patterns that arose in their originating sample set of essays. With Criterion, an offshoot of ETS's e-rater, this is a serious concern. When you only look at what you see, anything out of left field looks completely awry, and cannot be graded appropriately. RocketScore is different; RocketScore uses a "features" method to check for included or excluded material, among many other things, and is therefore quite good at noticing subtle writing and essays types which it has never seen before.

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The most obvious function of assessment methods (such as exams, quizzes, papers, and presentations) is to enable instructors to make judgments about the quality of student learning (i.e., assign grades). However, the method of assessment also can have a direct impact on the quality of student learning. Students assume that the focus of exams and assignments reflects the educational goals most valued by an instructor, and they direct their learning and studying accordingly (McKeachie & Svinicki, 2006). General grading systems can have an impact as well. For example, a strict bell curve (i.e., norm-reference grading) has the potential to dampen motivation and cooperation in a classroom, while a system that strictly rewards proficiency (i.e., criterion-referenced grading) could be perceived as contributing to grade inflation. Given the importance of assessment for both faculty and student interactions about learning, how can instructors develop exams that provide useful and relevant data about their students' learning and also direct students to spend their time on the important aspects of a course or course unit? How do grading practices further influence this process?

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Good feedback begins before students submit anything. Let's call it "feedforward". Students need written guidelines for the assignment grading criteria in advance. This provides a roadmap to success and helps to clarify the features of good performance.

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Hopefully this criteria will help you to assess the quality of your own work. It provides a description of the characteristics associated with work that are awarded different grades. Before you start an assessment you could see what would be required to gain particular grades. Also, once you have received your mark, you could use the criteria to understand how you could improve your work next time. Follow the links below:

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Based on ACT, Inc’s stated grading criteria, I've gathered all the relevant essay-grading criteria into a chart. The information itself is available on , and there's more general information about each of the domains . The columns in this rubric are titled as per the ACT’s own domain areas, with the addition of another category that I named ("Mastery Level").

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