Essay comparing romeo and juliet and lord of the flies

Comparing Romeo and Juliet to Lord of the Flies Essay

As this essay has outlined, there are common similarities and themes between the novel and the play. In both stories, when children make adult decisions, there are tragic consequences. Feuding between rival groups was also very clear in both stories which led to violence. Finally, each story had tragic deaths. In Lord of the Flies, a young innocent boy and two friends were lost. In Romeo and Juliet, their death, although tragic, did bring two families’ feuds to an end, but at a great cost to each family.

This essay will attempt to take a look at the similarities in themes for both, the novel “Lord of the Flies” and the play, “Romeo and Juliet”. These themes will be illustrated through events involving betrayal, fear, and extreme reactions to extreme situations.

8. ESSAY QUESTION: Compare Romeo and Juliet with the Lord of the Flies from the following perspectives: Violence; Moral behaviour; Reaction to stress; Giving into desire; Civilization and Justice not served properly; Sides/Factions; Struggle for power; Messed up Adult World and Poor Mentors.

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